...to the Argent Advance, a neutral WoW roleplay guild based on Moon Guard-US, Horde!Featuring a well-appointed Discord server and robust D20 system, we aim to provide a safe, engaging place to explore character stories for those Argents who just so happen to be traditionally Horde-based races - and those who wish to work with them.Based out of Orgrimmar, community involvement is one of our key tenants; we seek to be involved in faction-based, neutral, and overall server events whenever possible and promote a healthy server community.Intrigued? Click on the buttons above to learn more!


We have opened up recruiting to include the Alliance side of Moon Guard! Please excuse our mess while we change some of the wording around here to reflect that!- Mirchea <3

About the Argent Advance

Who Are We?

The unit’s primary mission is to establish a working relationship with the factions to better facilitate and uphold the Argent Crusade’s mandate to fight swiftly and mercilessly against any element of evil that surfaces in Azeroth - which of course includes the resurgent Scourge forces, amongst others.In light of that, it aims to be a refuge for those displaced by the Fourth War, especially those with martial skills who might not feel like they have a place with their respective faction any longer, or who never did in the first place - as such, the Advance’s secondary mission is to recruit from the Horde for the Argent Crusade.Additionally, Argent Advance’s tertiary mission is to be an experimental joint unit of the Argent Crusade and the Ebon Blade with the purpose of attempting to mend burned bridges and damaged relations between the two organizations after the events during the Legion’s last invasion of Azeroth.The unit is commanded by Argent Field Commander Mirchea Kul’Therin-Soltair, one of the few Death Knights under the Argent Crusade’s banner. His own personal mission is to provide a path to redemption for those who seek it, advocating for fellow Knights, other undead, and Illidari to take up non-traditional means of contributing to society and encourage personal healing and growth for those still capable of such. Any and all are welcome in our ranks, particularly those who might be traditionally shunned by society, so long as they can follow the code of conduct.

What Do We Do?

We support and provide a mixture of community involvement opportunities and guild-exclusive events. Some examples are:

  • The Month's End Grand Brawl

  • Dance of the Dead

  • Warcraft Conquest campaigns

  • Coalition of the Horde: Homefront campaigns

  • Close collaboration with other Argent guilds

  • Months-long guild campaigns with enemies, NPCs, and guild assets

  • Social & movie nights

...and many more to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

My character isn't an Argent but I think you're pretty neat; can I join or help out even if my character isn't an Argent?
It used to be that we accepted Contractors into our ranks - people who were not ICly Argents, but wanted to help us either out of kindness, idealism or for money. This is no longer the case due to several reasons.
HOWEVER! We have many non-guild friends in our Discord, many of our guild events are open to people curious about us, etc. If your character wants to work with the Argents but doesn't wish to join them, hit us up anyway!
I'm kind of new to WoW and/or its lore and/or RP in MMORPGs; am I welcome?
Absolutely 100% yes! We welcome new minds to our guild and the server, and we'd LOVE to guide you through things - providing you're willing to learn, of course! We adore creativity and don't expect 100% all-the-time, nose-buried-in-sources lore abidance, so don't worry too much about not knowing the lore!
Is sever event attendance mandatory?
No. However, it is very strongly encouraged, especially for Argent-based events like the Tournament of Ages.
Is Discord/TRP3/TRP3: Extended/DiceMaster mandatory?
Yes, Discord is mandatory.
Yes, a RP profile addon is madatory, though it does not have to be TRP3 specifically.
No, TRP3:E and DiceMaster are not mandatory, but are highly encouraged.
Do you accept 'darker' themed characters?
Yes, we accept characters with 'darker' themes, such as Warlocks, Death Knights, Shadow Priests, and Demon Hunters - provided they are using their dark powers for good! We have guidelines for that; feel free to hit up an officer for more information.
What if my character doesn't worship or follow the Light?
Your character does not have to follow or worship the Light; our own GM's character worships a loa! Though the Argents half originated from a Paladin order, the Argent Crusade itself is actually pretty agnostic.
How active am I expected to be as a member of the guild?
Well, we aren't a parking lot for alts, but we also don't expect everyone to be online and doing stuff every day, either! We expect our members to attend at least one event a month, and be a fairly regular presence in our Discord. If you need to drop off the face of the earth for a time longer than a month but want to stay with us, just let an officer know!
Will there be combat events? What dice system do you use?
Yes, there will be combat events, though we hope to not have them be the entire focus of the guild.
We currently use the Warcraft Conquest D20 system for RP-PvE events and a different system for RP-PvP events.
Addons, Discords and events - oh my! You got any handy dandy links?
Oh boy do we!
Argent Advance Discord - Our guild Discord, also accessible by clicking the Discord button at the bottom of the page. Upon joining the Discord you will be automatically assigned a restricted role, so don't be surprised if you don't see a bunch of channels.The Argent Crusade Discord
The Coalition of the Horde
Tournament of Ages Discord
Warcraft Conquest Discord
Total RP 3
Total RP 3: Extended


Out of Character Rules

  1. You must be 18+. This is not an adult content oriented guild, but the age requirement keeps everyone safe.

  2. Discussion of race, religion, politics or other controversial topics is forbidden.

  3. Disagreements happen, but keep them polite. Heated discussions should be moved to DMs. If necessary, an officer can/will mediate conflicts.

  4. Stop means stop, no means no.

  5. Explicit content will be confined to private channels and out of sight. Your RP profile may not contain explicit content while wearing our guild tag and tabard.

  6. You will follow typical roleplay conventions - no godmoding, powerplaying, or metagaming (if you do not know what these things are, we will happily explain and teach you). You will ask for OOC consent before taking an action against another character that could result in permanent injury, disability or death.

  7. You will be a good server citizen and conduct yourself in a respectful, dignified way in public.

  8. You must make a reasonable attempt to attend guild events on a semi-regular basis. Attendance to server events is never required, but is always encouraged. That being said, IRL always comes first.

  9. All claims require proof. No actions will be taken without it.

  10. Your character must be lore-abiding; we are not huge sticklers for lore, but we expect characters to adhere to it as much as possible without sacrificing your sanity or your fun.

Code of Conduct (In Character)

By joining the Argent Crusade (or by entering into a contract of employment with them as a liaison, associate or contractor), one agrees to adhere to the following tenants:

  • To fight swiftly and mercilessly against any element of evil that surfaces in Azeroth;

  • To defend the helpless and uphold the weak;

  • To speak the truth, even in the face of adversity;

  • To be courageous, even in the face of overwhelming odds;

  • To hold onto hope, even when all seems lost;

  • To never forsake their duty to Azeroth, their peers, and the Crusade, in that order.

  • To obey the orders of those appointed over them.

Additionally, one agrees to abide by the Three Virtues:

  • Respect. When looking at an enemy, one must look past the hatred that separates. There are qualities to respect and prowess to be acknowledged. Conducting oneself with honor and treating one's opponent as one wishes to be treated shows respect. Respecting one's opponents on the field is acknowledging a connection to them and the world.

  • Tenacity. This is the virtue of persevering through troubling times and painful experiences. In the face of despair and hatred, one must continue to stand true to their beliefs and fight on.

  • Compassion. In times of rivalries, it is easy to see differences at every turn. The challenge is in looking beyond appearances and understanding the similarities. Through this understanding, one can feel compassion for the losses others have suffered, even if the victim bears another banner. By feeling and understanding compassion in enemy and ally alike, one reaffirms his or her connection with the world.

The following shall be considered grave offenses and result in immediate expulsion from the unit and the Crusade.

  • Sexual Assault.

  • Manslaughter and Murder - Murder of innocents or civilians is not permitted.

  • Piracy or Theft.

  • Espionage - Serving as a spy either against the Crusade or for any faction against the other.

The following shall be considered moderate to minor offenses and result in various consequences as appropriate.

  • Disrespect of Allies and Peers.

  • Insubordination.

  • Use of dark arts without prior approval or beyond previously established bounds.

  • Possession of Blight, plague, or other virulently dangerous substances without prior approval.

Applying to the Argent Advance

Some things to keep in mind...

  • You must be 18+. This is not an ERP or otherwise adult-oriented guild, but the age requirement keeps everyone safe.

  • You must have an RP profile addon such as TRP3 or MRP; TRP3 is highly recommended.

  • Your character must be an Argent, be willing to become an Argent.

  • You must agree with and abide by our guild rules and OOC codes of conduct; your character must agree with and abide by the IC codes of conduct for the guild and for the Argents.

  • There is also an IC interview portion - contact an Officer to schedule this once you complete the application in our Discord.